I’ve recently signed up for a Kryton Tuesday course, which the extremely pro-active @Sparklypips is organising at our work. So far I have been going through the material for the first course, ‘Go: How to Overcome Fear, Pick Yourself, & Start a Project that Matters’ by Seth Godin which I have already found really inspirational.

Failure is something I worry about everyday. I worry about whether the code I write is tidy enough, whether it’s clever enough and whether it will be accepted by my peers. I worry that I might not make the deadline, that maybe I underestimated the complexity or worst of all that someone will discover that I’m a phony.

My biggest failure though is the failure to ever start anything. I have notepads where I scrawl ideas, I take time to think about things I could make, but I never do. I always have an excuse, I don’t have time, it won’t be profitable, I don’t have the right tools, or people will point and laugh at my stupidity.

Doing this course has already made me think about how to improve this, and how I can make something without the fear, how I can really try and do something that I both enjoy and that may help others. I’m determined to make something, and if it ‘fails’ then that’s fine, I’ll use the experience to make help shape the next idea. If that fails too then I’ll try again, but most of all I’ll try and enjoy the process, learning’s and freedom. I think that will help me overcome my fears.