I thought that it was finally time to do some blogging about what I have been doing development wise recently and as I had been pretty lax about posting content on my other blog paulmccaskie.wordpress.com I though I’d start a new one. This one will now be focused on information related to software development, whereas the other will be about video games and other things I get up to.

It was quite hard to think of a name for this blog and in the end I went for Level 1 Developer, as that’s how I often feel, like I’m starting at the bottom of some new technology and trying to get my head round it. In the last couple of years I have had to learn about ASP.NET MVC, BizTalk, SharePoint and InfoPath, plus various other techniques and best practices. Its not a bad thing though, its great to learn new skills and broaden my repertoire.

Hopefully someone will find something useful here, I’d like to be able to help some people with issues as so many others have helped me.